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These 20 mindfulness coloring pages are designed for kids needing a brain break! Engage young minds with calming and creative coloring pages that promote relaxation and mindfulness. Each page features intricate mandalas with a special color palette, perfect for mindful coloring sessions encouraging focus and creativity.

These mindfulness coloring pages for kids are more than just a fun pastime. They're powerful tools for promoting SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) activities. As students immerse themselves in mindful coloring, they develop essential skills such as self-awareness, emotional regulation, and empathy.

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Included in this download:

  • 20 mindfulness mandala coloring pages with suggested color palettes that will foster a sense of calm, allowing imaginations to soar and worries to melt away

These activities are perfect for…

  • early finishers
  • morning work
  • bell ringers
  • stress relief
  • calming corners
  • transition activities
  • time fillers
  • SEL lesson supplement
  • independent desk work
  • emergency sub-plans

The best part?

You can incorporate these mindfulness color pages into daily routines, offering moments of peace and reflection. Whether it's a quick brain break between lessons or a quiet activity before testing, these coloring pages provide a valuable opportunity for students to recharge and center themselves. Just print and go!

In this one convenient resource, you can…

  • have ready-to-go mindfulness coloring pages with different color combinations and patterns that promote relaxation.
  • use these pre-made mindfulness coloring activities as sub plans when you need to take a day off!
  • print and go - includes everything you need to encourage creativity and enhance artistic expression while promoting calmness. 

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