Crack the Case: Summer | End of the Year | 1st Grade | Escape Room | Summer Game | End of the Year

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Are you looking to revamp your regular math instruction in first grade? This engaging End of the Year Crack The Code Mystery Game will keep your students on-task while having fun & learning! Featuring 8 tasks for students to complete, they must figure out which classmate is the ice cream thief. They will receive 3 clues after completing a certain number of tasks and will use their suspect list to determine who the thief is. This game features 9 first grade common core standards (SEE BELOW FOR EACH STANDARD). This is created for 1st grade, but the tasks are editable, so you can create your own tasks for your grade level.


  • banner
  • 8 tasks
  • task covers for folders or board
  • student book to check off tasks when completed
  • editable student name pieces
  • editable suspect list
  • editable intro letter
  • 3 clue pieces for board
  • editable clue page
  • 3 gift tags (bubbles, candy, bubble popper toy)
  • answer keys for each task
  • editable tasks to create your own questions

PLEASE NOTE: The editable pieces are in Canva. You must have a Canva account to edit. (it's free!)

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