We've teamed up with April from A Modern Teacher to offer the perfect planner to make your days organized and efficient!

A fresh, functional, and fabulous planner is waiting for you!  No more guessing on what to organize and how to organize it.  It is all right here.  Saving you time so you can concentrate on what matters: teaching those kids!

The Planners come in three different options - pick the one that's right for you!

$14.99     DIGITAL PLANNER and ORGANIZER - Delivered digitally to your email inbox.  Digital Only.

$24.99     PRINTED PLANNER - BLACK & WHITE - Cover printed in Color, Pages in Black/White, Two-sided. Shipped to your door.

$39.99     PRINTED PLANNER - FULL COLOR - Printed in Color, Two-sided.  Shipped to your door.  

                                       $14.99                                                                                    $24.99                                                                                  $39.99