Simply Stylish Boho Rainbow "The Total Package"Classroom Decor Bundle | Classroom Makeover in a Box

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Looking to make your classroom the happiest little classroom with a snap of your fingers? But not sure where to start? Look no further! This bundle was created to give you a classroom makeover in a box!

Everything about the Schoolgirl Style - Simply Stylish Boho Rainbow collection rings kindness and light. Even in the neutral tones, it boldly declares that "together is better". Timeless rainbows, enchanting lightbulbs, darling hearts and inspiring messages written in captivating fonts are the essence of this collection.

Our classrooms are safe places where students can learn, grow and be inspired, and the combination of these pieces were created to support you in that venture. The soft tones of pinks, browns, and creams are sure to bring warmth, comfort and awe within the walls of your classroom or space. 

This 24 item bundle sold for $424.99 has over $500.00 of product included. 

This bundle holds all the following goodness:
  1. Neutral Painted Dot Foundation Border {13 strips - 39 feet total length}
  2. Foundation Border {13 strips - 39 feet total length}
  3. Coral and White Striped Foundation Border {13 strips - 39 feet total length}
  4. Heart and Rainbow Cut-outs {36 total}
  5. "Above All Else" Poster
  6. "Better Together" Poster
  7. "Let Your Light Shine" Poster
  8. "Listen Learn Love" Poster
  9. "Keep Shining The World Needs Your Light" Door Decor Bulletin Board Set
  10. Mocha Lantern "16
  11. Mocha Lantern 12"
  12. Rose Coral Lantern 14"
  13. Pale Peach Lantern 10"
  14. Simply Stylish Boho Rainbow Neutral Rainbow Area Rug 5x7
  15. The Bohemian Mood Calendar Bulletin Board Set
  16. The BFF Painted Dots Pillow Cover
  17. Hugs and Kisses Pillow Cover
  18. The BFF Lanyard with a Polka Dot Heart
  19. Midnight Black Macrame Earrings
  20. Simply Stylish Boho Rainbow Full {UPRINT} Collection | Printable Classroom Decor
  21. "Perfect Shade of Brown" Craft Paper Lanterns {pack of 3}
  22. Pearl PREMIUM Fancy Fans {set of 4}
  23. Latte Tan 48X12 Primer Bulletin Board Paper {fadeless}
  24. Marshmallow White 48X12 Primer Bulletin Board Paper {fadeless}

Simply Stylish Boho Rainbow UPRINT Full Collection ~ digital PDF and PPT files sent to your email. 
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