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The easiest way to ease back into a new school year after a long, summer break is this first days slideshow! Every detail you will ever need to cover with your students as they get back into the routines and procedures is included in this easy-to-edit document!

The first week can be overwhelming - for the kids, but also for YOU! Creating and using this slideshow will be a built-in lesson plan for the first week back. When putting together my own slideshow, I map it around my day - when we will need breaks, specials, what must be shared on the first day vs. 5 days in, etc. There are a variety of brain break slides included that you can drag and move around in your slideshow. I love this option, as it's easy to do a lot of the talking on day 1 and 2. Using the brain breaks is a great, forceful reminder to tell myself to stop talking and to get the kids up and interacting with one another!


A blank template slide is available at the beginning if you need to add any slides that are not available.


I go into more detail on the best way to prep and implement this slideshow your first day(s)/week of school inside this resource.


  • Welcome Back slides (Kindergarten - 6th grade, plain "Welcome Back" and "Welcome Back, Students!"
  • Teacher fun facts/favorites/about the teacher's family
  • About our...
    • library
    • mailboxes
    • calm down corner
    • turning in work
    • flexible seating
    • Monday-Friday folder and Take Home Folder
    • goal setting
    • classroom economy
    • classroom jobs
    • class rewards
    • class store
    • teacher for the day
    • lunch with the teacher
  • Class rules/expectations
    • hallway expectations
    • drinking fountain rules
    • electronic device rules
    • our non-negotiables
  • Routines/procedures
    • morning routine
    • morning calendar
    • morning meeting/class meeting
    • morning routine steps (steps 1-10, 1 per each slide, you edit)
    • end of the day routine
    • our daily specials
    • our schedule
  • Teacher pet peeves (6 pre-made with clipart)
  • Important staff/meet the staff - each with a place for photo, name, info.
    • principal
    • social work/school counselor
    • cleaning staff
    • librarian
    • music/art/gym teacher
    • lunch staff
    • playground staff
  • Lunch room/assembly/field trip/playground/guest speaker expectations
  • What we will learn (slide for each subject)
  • In case of emergency (fire/tornado/intruder)
  • 20 pre-made brain break slides

There are A TON of slides. Using them all would be overwhelming. This resource is downloaded in a PowerPoint AND Google Slides format which makes it really easy to edit/move around to fit your needs, schedule, etc. Delete slides that are unnecessary or not applicable to your students.

*I highly recommend this resource for FIRST YEAR TEACHERS! This would have made me feel so much more at ease jumping into my new career that first day in my classroom!


If you have any questions or troubles with this resource, feel free to email me at!

Happy back to school!

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