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Assessing life skills is an important part of creating individualized education plans (IEPs) for students with special needs. This comprehensive baseline assessment is perfect for special education teachers looking to get a baseline of their students' abilities across a wide range of life skills.

This assessment covers key areas of daily living, such as hygiene, cooking, cleaning, money management, and more. With over 50 assessment items, this resource will help you accurately assess your students' abilities and track their progress over time.

Included in this resource are detailed instructions on how to administer and score the assessment, as well as a data collection sheet to help you keep track of your students' progress. This resource is perfect for teachers of all grade levels and is fully editable to meet the unique needs of your classroom.

Once prepped, it is very easy to take the assessment binder out and test individual students. This assessment is scored using prompt hierarchy and building independence. This is a high prep resource and does not include student materials. You would need to have the materials from your classroom for this assessment.

Now included: Digital Google Forms for Assessment data digitally! 

You also have access to a re-evaluation template to help write IEPs more fluidly!

The assessment content areas included in this product are listed below. Please click on the preview to get a better look inside what is included!

  • Basic Concepts - identical matching, non-identical matching, sorting, name recognition, calendar skills, body parts, categories, sequencing, opposites, and prepositions
  • Reading - alphabet, community signs, book skills, capitalization, punctuation, Dolch Pre-Primer and Primer sight words
  • Mathematics - colors, shapes, patterns, number concepts, 1:1 correspondence, addition, subtraction, money, time, and measurement
  • Fine Motor - clothing management, functional hand skills, manipulative play, arts and crafts, pre-writing skills, and writing skills
  • Self-Care - toileting, grooming and hygiene, clothing management, body care, and basic first aid
  • Community - transportation, street safety, grocery store, clothing store, shopping mall, fast food, sit down restaurant, leisure (playground, bowling, nature centers, forest preserves, movie theatre, library, book store, post office, doctor's office, dentist office, vocational exploration, community service
  • Cooking - eating habits, appliance use, basic food prep, food safety and sanitation
  • Independence - school skills, calendar skills, transition skills, schedule skills, work skills, home-school jobs, clerical skills, domestic skills, clothing management, and personal information
  • Social Emotional - emotions, behavior management, personal qualities, external supports, goal setting, perspective taking, social skills, safety and decision making

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