Maker Mats Printable + Digital for K-5th Grade | Printable Classroom Resource | Teach Outside the Box- Brooke Brown

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Maker Mats are simple, creative choice boards that promote divergent thinking and creative expression. They are the perfect enrichment option for students and complement to a Makerspace or creative learning area in any classroom or media center. Simple, open-ended tasks guide imaginations and are appropriate for even the youngest learners. Students may use any creative materials available to them to complete tasks!

Maker Mats may also be used as an optional form of homework or family project.

Students may cross off or color in squares for the tasks as they complete them, and you may choose to require students to complete a certain number of tasks each month.

You may also choose to enlarge Maker Mats in poster size form to display in your Makerspace for students to choose from.

Includes the following:

*Seesaw and Google Slides versions of all monthly Maker Mats*

p. 3: Maker Mat Instructions and Management

p. 4-6: Makerspace information and suggested supplies

p. 7-16: Monthly Maker Mats

p. 17-19: Blueprint and Planning forms (3 versions)

p. 20: Parent Letter

p. 21-29: Maker App Posters

p. 30-32: Maker Website QR Code Posters

p 33: Credits

****Separate Files:

Maker Mat Badges for Student Incentives (Monthly and Yearly)


EDITABLE Parent Letter

EDITABLE App and QR Code Poster

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