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All you have to do is get your classmate to say the large word at the top of the slide. Sounds easy enough right? Well it gets a lot harder when you can’t use the 3 bulleted words as part of your description! Students will have a blast as they work hard to describe to their classmates what the projected word on the board is. The student who is guessing the word will certainly feel the pressure while playing GUESS THAT WORD!


This is a NO PREP game! Simply open the file and you’re ready to play! There are 30 word displays in this game so each student can have a turn being in the hot seat! Have all students sitting at the carpet/their seats while the student in the hot seat stands/sits in front of the smart board with their back to it. This ensures they won’t see what word is projected. All words are words that are associated with the month of October.


There are 4 GAME OPTIONS so it's perfect for every grade level! Use the game where students can't say the 3 bullet-ed words to make it the most challenging, or 2 bullet-ed words to make it slightly easier. There are also options for only 1 word the students can't say, and an option with just the projected word and a visual picture for our pre-k and kindergarten friends to use!



October Guess That Word

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