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Rainbow theme/color scheme ASL Alphabet line posters. American Sign Language alphabet line with 4 skin tones. Create a bright, happy, and inclusive environment with these ready to print alphabet line posters. These alphabet posters are easy to read and free of distractions. Perfect for a primary classroom! 

Here is what you will receive:

  • 8.5"x11" A-Z Posters (Try printing 2 to a page if you would like them smaller!)
  • Posters include Uppercase and Lowercase letter
  • Easy to read word wall words (3 per poster) with clear white images
  • NOW WITH 4 Designs!
    • A: anchor, apple, alligator
    • A*: acorn, apple, alligator
    • B: banana, bike, bubbles
    • C: crayon, cat, cactus
    • C*: crayon, cat, cent
    • D: dinosaur, dollar, drum
    • E: egg, earth, elephant
    • E*: eel, earrings, elephant
    • F: flower, flamingo, fire
    • G: glasses, giffafe, guitar
    • G*: glasses, gorilla, guitar
    • H: hotdog, hippo, heart
    • I: Iguana, igloo, ice cream
    • J: jeans, jet, jam
    • K: kite, kangaroo, key
    • L: lion, log, ladder
    • M: moon, mouse, map
    • N: net, nest, nail
    • O: origami, octopus, orange
    • O*: overalls, octopus, octagon
    • P: pizza, pig, pencil
    • Q: quail, quesadilla, quarter
    • R: rainbow, ruler, robot
    • S: sloth, star, saturn
    • T: train, taco, turtle
    • U: umbrella, unicorn, underwear
    • U*: umbrella, unicorn, UFO
    • V: videogame, volcano, vest
    • W: walrus, watch, waffle
    • X: X-ray, box, mix
    • Y: yo-yo, yak, yogurt 
    • Z: zebra, zipper, zoo
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